Thank You, Focus Group #2

MUD 41 Directors would like to extend an appreciation and gratitude for attending the focus group meetings in August and September.

We are all stakeholders in the upkeep of the infrastructure toMUD 41.

Attendees to the focus group meetings were selected for their genuine interest and desire to uphold the values ofour properties and to continue to make improvements and add value to all property owners in Village of Oak Lake. MUD 41 foresee future meeting with residents to address the feedback items we heard from the attendees.

Residents in Attendance

  • VI Chandler
  • Charles Galvan
  • Don Hill
  • Jesse Howard
  • Rosa Mora
  • Nneka Obialo
  • Dejaune Phillips
  • Karen Powell
  • Khelia Razvi
  • Abraham Thomas
  • Ashu Tewari
  • Ben Weibel
  • Carla Wingerson
  • Dan Wingerson

MUD 41 Directors promised a solution and you were the first residents to hear;

  • The long term strategies to continue providing quality services at the lowest tax rate possible.
  • Solutions to replace aging infrastructure

These focus group meetings have been loaded with a wealth of information concerning the announced and upcoming Bond Election.

The PowerPoint presentation has been posted onto the website. Anyone may review the PowerPoint located in the “Election Tab” within the website. In addition, we have added an informative section under the “Election Tab” to explain about how bonds are utilized in MUD facilities. Become anambassador of VOL and share the wealth of MUD information and the upcoming Bond Election with all of your VOL neighbors.

Please be on alert for the upcoming Open House where all residents are invited. The Open House will have all of our professionals from legal, finance, and facility operations available for questions. We will have all of what has been presentedand visual aides to demonstrate our aging facilities.

Thank you,

Fort Bend Mud 41 Directors

Tropical Storm Nicholas – Heavy Rain Likely

Tropical Storm Nicholas has formed and is threatening the Greater Houston region. Please prepare for potential tropical storm force winds and heavy rain. Some areas may see as much as 10-20″ of rain.


  1. Check your yard for loose objects that could become projectiles in heavy winds.
  2. Clear gutters
  3. Watch for street flooding. DO NOT drive into standing water.
  4. Collect flashlights and other supplies, in case of power outages.

Stay Informed

NOAA’s National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center are your official sources for hurricane forecasts and the issuance of hurricane watches and warnings. You may also wish to check these local resources for additional information:

Visit our Resource page and quick links to the Flood Warning System:

Direct Link to Harris County Flood Warning System:

  • Input your address on the left side of the page under ADDRESS SEARCH.
  • 8003 RED GULLY BRIDGE will appear with the real time water level.

Get Prepared. Stay Informed. Stay Safe!

Immediate Attention VOL Residents

Good Afternoon Village Of Oak Lake Residents:

This letter is to inform you of a request made to Fort Bend County Municipal District No. 41 (the “District”) regarding a new development project in our community.

Nijadhar, LLC (the “Developer”) has proposed to develop a religious center and school on the property shown on the plat below (the “Project”).  The Project may also include additional development on the property which, at this time, has not been specified by the Developer.  The Developer is requesting approval of its plat from the Houston Planning Commission. The Developer has also requested that the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the District provide a letter of no objection regarding the Developer’s engineering plans to tie in to the District’s storm sewer system to serve a proposed cul-de-sac connecting Oak Lake Park Drive (at the current dead end of the intersection shown below) to a planned street running through the Developer’s property all the way to McKaskle Road.

Proposed Through Street

Platting of the Project, which may have an impact on traffic, noise, and activity in your neighborhood, will be before the Houston Planning Commission for consideration on September 2, 2021. The drainage request will come before the Board of the District at its next meeting.  (The Board has not yet taken action on the Developer’s request other than requesting additional information.)

In order to assist with the Board’s decision, the Board is  requesting that all residents provide feedback to the Houston Planning Commission and to the Board regarding the Project.

In order to register to submit public comments to the Houston Planning Commission during its September 2, 2021 meeting, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to this link on or before 9/1/2021 before 2:30PM
  2. Scroll down to the Public Comments section and click on the word in BLUE (HERE) see example below:
    Please email all questions and comment to or please use the following link here.
  3. A form will appear and you will input your information, the most important inputs are below:
    • Date : 9/02/2021
    • Agenda Number : 2021-1474
    • Which Best describes you? Select an option from the drop-down.
Public Comments

The public may address the Planning Commission on agenda items. The deadline to submit comments or signing up to speak is 2:30pm, Wednesday before the planning commission meeting. All comments are made part of the public meeting record.

    • Please email all questions and comment to or please use the following link here.
    • You may also call the Planning Department at 832-393-6624 to sign up to speak. This must be done before 2:30pm, Wednesday before the Planning Commission meeting.
    • Speakers will be called on in the order of sign up and can speak for two minutes. See agenda for speaker guidelines.

In order to provide feedback to the Board of the District, please email or use the “Send Us a Message” feature on our Contact page.


Board of Directors of Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 41